ScarAway Daily Discs

The problem with a scar is that even if it is so so little that really only you can see it; it is still there and you see it each and every time you look in the mirror.  ScarAways’s Daily Discs give you the change to make them shrink, fade and go away.  They are a true non-prescription way to prevent the forming of small scars (even raised ones caused by mole removals, biopsies, acne, injury, burns and surgeries).  These are the real deal: they are professional grade silicone discs you are used to seeing only in hospital and surgical settings and they can now be utilized in the comfort of your own home.  These are disposable just like a band-aid and are applied directly to the scar site.  They can be worn for a minimum of 12 hours and up to 24 hours per day.  What I was amazed by was how they were not greasy and totally thin.  They do not irritate you and the fact that they are latex free makes them a perfect choice for all skin types.  Although you will see a difference in your scar within a few days, really amazing results usually come to be within 12 weeks.
ScarAway can be purchased by visiting or as well as CVS, Walgreens, Pathmark and other fine pharmacies.  They retail for $24.99 for a box of 24 discs.  Such a great way to gain back your beautiful skin and confidence when you are dealt a “scarring” situation!

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