Fiskars Kids Scissors

Please check out while you are back-to-school shopping this week and see their new designs for 2015!  Fiskars makes sure your child, whether they are learning to use a scissor or are an accomplished pro, have the safest and most efficient product out there!  They feature “non-stick blade coating” that cuts through the toughest glue or tape.  In my house we are happy to be trying out the Preschool and Kids Scissor sizes!  The preschool model trains your child 3 and up that is super blunt and only cuts paper. They even have a cool training lever which opens the blade after each cut.   Kids Scissors feature a larger finger loop so they are really comfortable (my picky 7 year old agrees!)  They have a safety edge blade and are available in blunt, pointed, non-stick, soft-grip and designer options.  My son is thrilled with his space themed pair while my daughter already packed her purple floral pair!  Fiskars also carries a line of “big kids” (ages 8 and up with longer blades) and full-size “student scissors” (ages 12 and up with stainless steel and pointed tip).  They are trendy so the kids love them and myself as a parent is so relieved about how safe they are.  Each pair carries a lifetime warranty making them the best back to school choice!  Check out


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