Schaller & Weber For The Superbowl Win!

Who is gearing up for the Superbowl?  This girl really just shows up to the party for the commercials and the snacks.  Here is a wonderful addition to your charcuterie plan this year!

Schaller & Weber brings German meats and sausages from Stuttgart, Germany to New York’s Upper East Side.  What you get here are traditional and delicious meats you will love! Their original store on 2nd Avenue is still open to this day and now with the internet you can grab all their delights with the click of your mouse.

Right at your fingertips and an order away are the best in sausages, pates, salamis, cold cuts, deli, bacon, charcuterie and more!  Here is what I am plating for the boys this year:

Alpine Sopressata & Fontina Cheese ($8): this is a sort of German take on the Italian classic.  We enjoyed the smoothness of the cheese with a glass of Chardonnay. They are pre-sliced and ready to serve.

Uncured Beef Salami & Butterkase Cheese ($8):  This is their smoky all-beef meet with a mild and buttery cheese.  Great to pair with grapes and a nice pilsner or fruit wine.  They are pre-sliced and ready to serve.

Uncured Salami with Garlic and Pepper & Grand Cru ($8):  my absolute favorite of what we sampled.  This is delicious spiced salami and goes wonderfully with this robust cheese.  Excellent for entertaining and great with a nice hard cider or amber beer.

All three of these were unique and totally amazing.  I will for sure be ordering more from their website; cannot wait to try new things!