Setting Your Mood Right With Aura Cacia Essential Oils!

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and with that comes the search for gifts of love and passion.  Maybe this year you will be inspired to create something to set the mood, reduce your stress and help out with your relationship needs!
I am a BIG fan of aromatherapy and truly believe in it’s benefits.  As such, I already dabble in essential oils so I was thrilled when I received a bottle of Sandalwood by Aura Cacia .  

This particular oil stimulates your senses and focuses on both empathy and intimacy.  You can actually concoct your own massage oils, diffusing oils and bath oils  as part of your Valentines night.  I personally got right to work planning out a nice dinner out along with a few recipes I followed for some R&R when we get home.

All of these oils are excellent quality and 100% pure.  They are safe to use and reasonably priced.  I am loving how easy it is to bring all these different scents and experiences into my families daily life and know that they are all organic and come from ethically sourced botanicals.

This oil and many others are all available for purchase at  I have to go now; I just used my lavender room spray so I can get some calming sleep.