Shag Shoe Bag

How many times have you traveled either for the day, weekend or longer and simply in a rush threw your shoes in the bag: dirt, grime and all? We have all been there; but I personally will never, ever be there AGAIN.  Enter the Shag Shoe Bag(cleverly named by combining shoe + bag); this is a wonderful nylon bag that protects our other luggage/precious belongings from the elements that stick to the bottom of our shoes: gum, mud, dirt and other germy/icky things.  Here is the deal: whether you are packing a suitcase, gym bag or even throwing your ballet flats in your purse (like I sometimes do) the Shag Shoe Bag is your true savior.  This bag is made from water-resistant polyester for super easy cleaning and can hold 2 pairs of women’s flip-flops/flats, 1 pair of women’s high heels and 1 pair of flip-flops or flats, 1 pair of men’s dress/athletic shoes, 1 pair of booties/tall foldable boots or multiple children’s pairs!  This bag is super economical at 2 for $20.00 and honestly you may find yourself needing 4 for your next trip!  Make sure when you use the Shag Shoe Bag you #shagyourshoes.  So many great people out there using this wonderful bag!  I have already used it twice and I haven’t officially gone away anywhere!  Check this out people at

shag shoe bag

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