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Us mommy’s run ourselves ragged.  Truly ragged.  No worries, however because the wonderful people at The Vitamin Shoppe have wonderful products to help us get the relaxation we need at the end of the day.   In particular, Vitamin Shoppe Nutritionist Brian Tanzer shares tips and food recommendations to help increase relaxation and improved sleep patterns.  First off, he suggests we eat more nuts and seeds which contain Vitamin B6; this produces neurotransmitters and melatonin.  Now melatonin is our very own wake/sleep regulator so it is important to keep that in production!  Mr. Tanzer also points out that cherries provide natural melatonin so they are my new best friend!  The Vitamin Shoppe also sells great supplements to get your melatonin on so no worries if cherries aren’t your thing!  I have been trying out their “Liquid Melatonin 1mg in yummy raspberry flavor.  Four little drops before bedtime and you have yourself instant sleep aid meets antioxidant.  I really think it is working and hardly costs a thing!  Now onto “Lavender Essential Oil”, another new friend of mine!  If I ever have time to take a bath I will be sure to add some to the water. What I have been doing before bed has been adding a few drops of lavender to warm water and use a washcloth like a compress in the mixture.  I put the washcloth on my forehead/face before bed and feel instantly ready for a snooze.  The aroma is so great!  This essential oil is only around $20 and the perfect bedroom accessory!  Finally, I have one more great sleepy time item to talk about: “Pukka Night time Herbal Tea”.  This is yummy oat flower, lavender and limeflower that has me relaxed, calm and my mind settled.  I really cannot describe it any other way than my “miracle tea”.  It’s so great; give it a try NOW!  For more information on these and other great items please visit

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