Shape Mags Magnetic Tile Building Sets

There’s something to be said about children’s products that offer both entertainment and educational value. Shape Mags magnetic tile building sets do just that. Just like the wooden blocks we grew up with, Shape Mags provide children with the opportunity to be endlessly creative in their building pursuits. Unlike simple wooden blocks, Shape Mags tiles are magnetic, so they stay together, which makes balancing taller buildings easier. The tiles are also clear, allowing light to shine through the colorful shapes.

Watching children explore and experiment with the Shape Mags tiles is enough to understand how they help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. This is the foundation of STE(A)M, guys. This is good stuff. Fitting the geometric shapes together to create three dimensional figures, and using supports to design buildings requires mathematical reasoning and is the basis of engineering. It’s amazing to see what children can create and figure out on their own, and it’s just as fun to help them out. Anyone who has read any of my kid’s products blogs knows that I love playing with this stuff too, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

There are several different sets of Shape Mags, from basic to deluxe, mega, and accessory sets. You can get them in different themes as well. The classic sets include the basic shapes. Then, there are fence sets, gate sets, window sets, car sets, arch sets, dome sets, train tracks, single shape sets, building supports, wheel bases, and more. Each building set comes with instructions and pictures to provide suggestions to get beginners started. Another selling point for Shape Mags is that they’re made to fit with other magnetic building set tiles, which of course means that you can use them with sets that you may already own. If I could recommend one toy over any other this gift giving season, it would be this one. If you don’t believe me about what a great product this is, then perhaps you’d like to know that Shape Mags is a Parent Tested Parent Approved and Tillywig Toys Award winner, as well as an Amazon best seller.

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