Silverts Clothing

Getting old dealing with an illness that leaves you unable to take full care of yourself is very overwhelming.  Getting dressed on your own becomes a huge chore and can be very frustrating.  Silverts brings you a full assisted dressing line for men and women.  Clothes for senior citizens should be easy to put on so there is no struggling whatsoever.  These clothes feature open back tops, pants that open from the side, hidden magnetic snaps instead of buttons and footwear that have easy touch closure.  These are perfect for those with physical disabilities, those in wheelchairs and really anyone with difficulty dressing.

You can very easily order items by condition right on the website which makes it so easy.  You can view items by need as well such as those who self dress verses those who have full assistance with dressing.  We received one of their Men’s Easy On & Struggle Free Self Dressing Shirts (set of 3 for $137.64).  These shirts have magnetic closures which will help you get dressed quickly and with dignity.  The magnets are hidden behind decorative buttons so literally “no one will know”.

Other very helpful items available as well including a full line of items suitable for hospital stays and nursing homes.  Please check them out.