2021 Wines That Are Affordable

It’s winter, and this momma needs a drink.  Every year for Christmas, we love to write about some of the latest and greatest wines that we saw recently.  Here, I present to you our 2021 Holiday Guide of Affordable Wines.


This shot has a selection from Wine Insiders.  But why are these affordable? Some of these bottles cost a penny or two more?  Ha! That’s the trick. Wine Insiders has two features which makes it awesome. First is free shipping with over 6 bottles. But secondly, some of these bottles are over 50% off. That combination makes it basically a joke when put together.  You can actually build your wine closet just with the discount combined with the free shipping.



La Gioiosa
La Gioiosa is straight from Italy and makes a prosecco that will knock your socks off. Please keep your socks on. The name means “The Joyous” and for some reason drinking this make me feel quite joyous.  I can’t tell why!  These are super affordable but also a wonderful bubbly that will leave your guests thinking you spent a buck or two more than they expected.


On the left of this shot, you’ll see 1924 Scotch Barrel Aged Chardonnay and Double Black Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon.  1924 Wines makes wines well as the name suggests, aged in an older barrel. Some are aged in Scotch Barrels, and some are aged in Bourbon and others.  This not only is cool as hell but adds an entirely different layer to the wine.



Geyser Peak Winery has been established in 1880 and now has a wonderful mix of Sonoma Valley wines.  These whites are wonderfully light and beautiful wines and just completely remind me of that time I went winery hopping out in Napa/Sonoma.  In particular, the Chardonnay was my favorite, but wow, all were quite good.



Rose Gold is a female entrepreneur-founded winery making 90+ point rose’s that won’t break the bank.  Am I cliche for loving rose? Maybe, but this is a good Rose. They’re going for the feeling of sitting in Saint Tropez, and I can tell you, I see it. Then again, after trying a bottle, I’m transported anywhere but my kitchen with my screaming kids!



I’ve known Yellow Tail for having crazy affordable wines, and this Pure Bright is not only crazy affordable it’s somehow 85 calories a glass.   Ok, so it’s low on carbs, low calories, and tastes pretty darn good.   I’m getting converted a bit.  If you’re into those low-calorie wines, than this is an avenue to consider. I found it quite good and shocked as it’s price to value ratio.