Simbi – Giving Basic Human Rights to Haitians

Simbi was founded after the devastating 2011 earthquake in Haiti by two powerful women. And let us tell you, it is a company on a mission! Lori and Birgit wish to improve the lives of Haitians, through job creation and providing clean water. With their bracelets, scrunchies, and hairbands which are handmade in Haiti, they invest in local partners to bring positive change to Haiti.

The products of Simbi are just the cutest! I love their bracelets, which are beautiful and really have a special style. When you wear them, your friends will surely notice them and ask you where you got such cute bracelets!

I personally love their scrunchies! I not only use them in my hair but as bracelets as well. The colors really pop and they are gorgeous!


Feel good knowing that Simbi truly helps their community. And with their partner EcoDrive, you can have a tree planted for less than three quarters and help restore the mangroves. Simbi recycles, upcycles, and uses biodegradable elements wherever possible. They are truly trying to be the most ethical brand possible. Their workshop in Haiti is solar-powered, you can visit it whenever you want, truly testifying to the open and honest nature of Simbi.

Why not give someone a nice gift of a couple of the Simbi products for their back-to-school? A perfect gift for the new teachers!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

The sky blue coconut bracelet for $7.99

The lucky red light bracelet stack (3 bracelets) for $45.00

2 tie-dye scrunchies for $6.00

Men’s turquoise mission bracelet for $24.00

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