Simplay3 – Backyard Toys and Now Planters

The 3-Level Herb & Flower Garden Planter by Simplay3 is one of those ideas what you see and think, “why didn’t they do that before?”

Believe it or not, I’ve probably seen the Simplay3 Products and a few dozen households. They are the large bulky playground material that I’m sure you have basically seen everywhere.

This left me thinking that this was such a no-brainer shut up because of two main reasons.

First of all, they are exceptionally well-made. If you’ve seen all the Kids believe all the playground equipment and it still survives, you can see why this stuff will last a while. I mean, my neighbors’ kids are animals, so it’s really no question that if it survives them, products can survive anywhere

Secondly, I am a bit of an ODD mom, so I like my stuff matching. Being manufactured with the same basic material as the playground, he is a nice aesthetic mix.

Now this planter is exceptionally well designed and really it is easy to assembly. It looks great and I love how it drains from the top down. But I love it even more so knowing that it’s not going anywhere and is built to last. Plus it matches the rest of the backyard is a nice bonus.

You can buy it right on Amazon.