Lego has The Disney Castle on Sale

Lego has The Disney Castle on Sale and I’m in love.   I mean look at it, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

It looks exactly like the real castle and brings back such memories of going to Disney!

It’s 4,080 pieces which means you’re building this thing for more than a few hours.

They comes with the mini figs, Mickey Mouse dressed a tuxedo, Minnie Mouse is wearing a red dress, Donald Duck with classic outfit, Daisy Duck has an adorable pink skirt  and Tinker Bell wearing a wig.

I love that this has all of the internal rooms.  It has the bedrooms, the floors, and well everything inside the castle. So not only is it outside, it is inside.

All that is missing is the world famous Walt Disney World fireworks above the castle!

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney World and Cinderella’s castle and you miss visiting the castle in Disney then this is for you.

PLUS if you love Lego then this is definitely the combo that will blow you away!

Plus it’s on sale at $349 so what a great deal. Just knock out a weekend clear to get building as it’s pretty big!  4,000 pieces and 29″ inches high so expect a happy kid’s weekend.