SimpleSENCE Capteur

We are all so busy running around with our hectic lives and we spend so much money to live in our homes.  Are you all checking for leaks and protecting your home the proper way??  We totally weren’t and I was thrilled to try out SimpleSENCE’s Capteur and know about any and all potential leaks.

This is going to tell you about potential leaks in your utility rooms, bathrooms, washing machines, hot water heaters, window sills, sump pumps and more!  You will get all this detection right from your phone or tablet!  You can easily set up and customize this to whatever works for you.  You can have coverage for up to fifteen feet.  My personal favorite feature especially in this cold weather we are experiencing in NY is it’s temperature sensor.  No more fear of bursting pipes.  We had no issue setting up in really hard to reach areas like behind the machines in the laundry room.  If there is an issue you will get an alarm notification instantly.  This means no more “issue that we didn’t notice and got worse and worse”.

Think your home, vacation property, offices, warehouses and more!  A truly convenient way to protect your assets that you work so hard to have and enjoy!

Check this great and affordable product out for your needs!