Sinfit For A Healthier Sunday Breakfast

If you are like me you adore weekend family breakfast.  I mean who doesn’t love to chow down on a bagel, pancake or waffle.  Warm syrup…butter….what could be better.  But then we are feeling guilty all day about the fat and calories we took in.  Enter the great new products I am testing out from SINFIT and suddenly not such an unhealthy meal.  These are syrups and protein batter mixes that are developed from fitness conscious people so you can have your weekend “cheat foods” with none of the shame!

We are loving their protein pancake mix.  All you do is combine the mix with water and cook as normal.  These have about 20 grams of protein per serving – they are filling without all the ingredients that are bad for you.  They taste pretty yummy too (we have loving their buttermilk option but they also offer banana and chocolate).  Onto their syrup; their maple is to die for – it is sugar free, no calories, no fat and actually gluten free.  It is a nice sweet flavor and can be used in baked goods, on ice cream and of course on pancakes.

Other options up for grabs include cookies, nut spreads, protein powder and nut spreads.  This is a totally fabulous company that is helping us stick to our diets yet enjoy the foods we love!

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