The Battpak by OCTAVE – A Battery Pack with A Case

I think I have more than enough batteries, but when I travel but I really don’t need another battery. I always try to find what is unique, and you don’t have to look very far because of this secret compartment. I found a few summers back when I used to travel, and it wasn’t a pandemic that I always brought my phone and a charging cord in the wild and the battery and found myself with multiple pieces of stuff just to get around town.

The premise here in a way, is it takes all of those basic functions in into one. I know that’s why I found this quite intriguing. See, they described this is having a secret compartment and the fact we could store stuff in it.  Sure, they want to store secret stuff in their like Mary Jane, but I had other ideas.

See, I think that’s the wrong selling point.

I think what makes this thing very interesting as it’s basically one damn device to carry everything.

If I go to the beach if I go to a concert. Well, if any of these things open up at all! But either which way, I love the fact of having it all in one-stop shopping.

I also love the fact that I no longer have to carry a battery and wrap three different chords around from my iPhone and my husband’s droid device.

I pop in the cord, three credit cards, and I’m done. One-stop shopping in a unit that’s built sold.


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