Skincare and Hair!

I have some awesome new items for you to check out that cater to your skin and your hair.  I mean in this crazy world we are living in maybe it is a good idea to spend some time on ourselves and our bodies.  Maybe a little “at home pampering” is the TLC we all need.  Here are some great products to help you make some time for “you”.

Oh My Garden Plant Based Sustainable Skincare: this is amazing and intelligent quality skincare that only contains natural and healthy ingredients and there is zero animal testing in the process.  Very little packaging or waste (it is recyclable!); this product is sustainable and safe.  Oh, and the natural ingredients do wonders for our body!  Their Balancing Facial Oil will leave your skin feeling soft and looking amazing.  This is great for daily use and can be used on all skin types.  I love to use this under my makeup as a primer.  I see a difference!  The Nourishing Facial Oil is going to be your go-to to get rid of the icky winter dryness.  Once again, totally awesome as a primer under makeup and will leave you smooth and glowing.  Pricing varies from $45-47 for these great oils.

Kera Health Dietary Supplements and Hair Products: So this company’s focus is on hair health.  I adore how they are using nutrients, vitamins and minerals to make our hair healthier and fuller without the unnecessary drugs and ingredients we cannot even pronounce.  They have a 4 step system for both men and women that contain shampoo, conditioner, a scalp energiser and of course supplements.  The supplement dosage per day is 2 capsules and carries key antioxidants to regenerate, restore, renew and support our immune system.  I actually see a difference already in how many hairs fall out in the shower.  Totally worth the try.

Receptra Naturals: Here are some awesome products that contain hemp extract and really do work.  This company is just a crew of regular people who believe in wellness using only the best ingredients.  A product absolutely worth mentioning is Seriously Relax + Arnica Body Oil.  This is a blend of natural and organic ingredients to help soothe your tension.  Oh and it smells super yummy (lavender and vanilla) Priced from $30-40.00.  For help with recovery and relief from everyday aches and pains, please check out their Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical Stick.  This is a hemp blend stick that will help you minimize swelling and inflammation.  Couldn’t be easier to apply (roll-on) and smells delicious (jasmine, ylang-ylang, camphor).  This will cost you $55.00.  How about the pets?!  Receptra Pet Tincture is great for your dog/cat/bird’s muscle and joint health.  ($44.99).  So many other awesome items also!

Rara Club “You Grow Girl” CBD Lash & Brow Boost: As a person who destroyed their natural lashes with extensions, I was thrilled to discover a product that will help the healthy regrowth of my lashes.  Using this just at night is making a huge difference.  CBD oil is excellent for hair growth and within just a months time they are fuller, stronger and heading in the right direction!  The product is amazing and costs just $49.00.  This is a MUST!