Chipex Car Care Products

Chipex Car Care Products

Here is a great line of products for the man in your life this holiday season!  And I will be honest, we can all use this line in our garage ready to use.  Think stocking stuffers and more!  Chipex offers chemistry based paint repair kits and other products to touch up your vehicle with ease.

I love that during this crazy time we live in with all this “extra time” to take care of our vehicles.  Such a great range of products!

Their Touchup Paint Kit Car Scratch Removal Pro Kit is the greatest “have it all option”.  This you can match to the make and model of your vehicle so you have perfect blending. This part is so super easy with their color code process.   The scratch remover is actually amazing.  I can’t believe how great of a job this does!  I had a pretty visible scratch from a tree branch over the back wheel of my car and it was incredible how easy and perfect the repair was right in my driveway.  The paint process is three easy steps: apply the paint, apply the blending solution and rub on the finishing polish.  The size of this kit (basic, medium and pro is dependent upon how large the affected area on the vehicle is).  I want to mention this is really one stop shopping because these kits also have bottles, brushes and microfiber cloths so you just need to bring your steady hand to get the job done.

If you are doing a normal car detail, they also offer amazing products!  And once again, during this pandemic wouldn’t you rather do it yourself at home and not worry about who is in and out of your car!?!  Options include this awesome wheel cleaner, stain/odor busters, car shampoo, windshield wash and my personal favorite their interior and dashboard cleaner.

Check them out for the man in your life!