Skinny Tees

As a woman, I have to admit that finding clothes that are functional, comfortable, and attractive is not an easy task. It always seems that if it’s functional and comfortable, it’s not attractive, or perhaps it’s attractive and functional, but not comfortable. The most frustrating part is if I actually find that perfect combination, it’s not available in my size. Well, I have found a solution, Skinny Tees.

Skinny Tees is a brand of form fitting one size fits all clothing that believe it or not is comfortable, but looks good too. Started in 2009 by Linda Schlesinger, Skinny Tees sought to solve the problem I have struggled with most of my adult life, finding “the perfect tank.” I often need something I can wear under other shirts in order to be “appropriate,” but most tanks are ever so slightly too bulky or so tight they take my breath away. Skinny Tees are form fitting, so they don’t bunch up under other clothes, but they’re not too tight, and they don’t have seams, so you end up with an evenly smooth surface against your body. Now that’s comfortable!


Tanks are not the only thing available, though. Skinny Tees also has tube tops, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, leggings, active wear, skirts, and dresses. Another thing I like about Skinny Tees is the neck line. I’m one of those people who can’t stand T-shirts that fit snugly around the neck, but I don’t necessarily want the neck line to be too wide.  I mean, off the shoulder is nice sometimes, but there are many times I need to dress professionally, which means I don’t want to show off that much. At the same time, I don’t want all my shirts to be V-necks either. There are other factors I have to take into consideration. Namely, I’m short. This means that many tanks and shirts are too low cut or the sleeves are too long. So, the fact that Skinny Tees has scoop neck shirts that are form fitting as well as shirts with three quarter sleeves helps me fulfill my wardrobe needs.


I can’t emphasize enough how important comfort is to me, but I still want to appear chic. I like the idea of having tanks and tops that are versatile. The fact that they are form fitting means that I don’t have to worry about whether they’ll still fit when my weight fluctuates, I mean, let’s face it, ladies, it happens. In fact, they could probably even see you all the way through pregnancy! I can sleep in them, wear them under other shirts when I don’t want to be as “on display,” or alone if I want to feel a bit sexier.

I do have to admit that they are a bit pricey, but they’re worth the money. Think of them as a clothing investment. They’d make a great gift. You could even buy one of their sleek dresses for a holiday celebration, or a sparkly tank to match the New Year’s fireworks and champagne. Whatever your reason, you really should check them out!

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