Middle School Moguls

Calling all parents of tweens!  A great doll/imaginative play toy in the super cute Middle School Mogul line.  These are character driven and the company owners are truly trying to inspire our girls to being the “next generation of leaders”.  We were sent a few of the dolls and my daughter is loving them!  Characters include Ryleigh (prankster and master at building/wiring), Sunny (coding and technology are her passion), McKinley (cheerleader meets mathematician), Jada (artist and designer) and Izzy, MY DAUGHTER’S ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (resident YouTuber, hash-tagger and social media queen)!  These are adorable dolls, well made and super colorful and trendy.  Their website contains great games and videos that inspire coding and developing your own business!  Where on earth has this line of dolls been my entire life!  I adore that my daughter is playing and learning how to succeed in life all at the same time!  They are available online and at select Target locations.  They cost around $29.99 making them an affordable holiday gift for girls 6-11.  Let them be a #kidboss!

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