Smart Sweets For The Valentine’s Day Win!

Always onto the next holiday the minute one is over right?!!!

That being said, I always try to limit the children’s candy intake so naturally I was thrilled to try out the great products from Smart Sweets this week.  This impressive woman founded company offers candies with 92% less sugar.

I know.. how could it be good with that much less sugar going on.  But we found that they are actually very good.

Plant-based options include cola gummies, red twists, sweet fish, peach rings and more!  Sweet fish are my sons favorite; great amount of berry taste and natural sweetness.  Oh; and the entire bag is only 3g of sugar.  I adore the red twists; they are only 2g of sugar per bag and have such a great berry punch taste.  Cola gummies are super different and delicious!  This is classic cola flavor without the artificial sweeteners and the guilt. Only 3g of sugar per bag here.  Took the peach rings to work and everyone was loving them.  3g of sugar per bag and both tangy and sweet which was the reason I think we all loved them so much!

What else did we try out and love? My daughter grabbed their gummy worms and ran to the movies with a friend.  Only 4g of sugar per bag here.  flavors in the bag include blue raspberry + cherry, pink lemonade + peach and strawberry + pineapple.  I also want to mention how great the fiber content is in these candies.

Great for your purse or tote? Their lollipops which have such cool flavors like blue raspberry and watermelon.  The bag has 12 individually wrapped pops (1g of sugar per two pops).  These have 80% less sugar than other lollipops.

How can you go wrong with naturally sweetened candies that taste great!  Check them out!