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Heading out of town for Spring Break or planning a trip for this summer? Don’t just leave with a smile, keep it for the entire trip, and even on the way home. How? Use a SMILEY World suitcase!

Those infectious smiles that have found their way into our everyday lives are plastered in pleasant patterns all over this durable luggage (inside and out). The Celebration model pictured here, like all SMILEY World luggage, has an exterior of PC Composite construction. It’s lightweight, has double multi-directional wheels, a telescopic handle, EZ Slide zippers, TSA approved combination locks, and is expandable. The interior has storage pockets and elastic tie-down straps. It is available in the carry on 22″ size, as well as the 26″ and 30″ sizes.

Although the colorful Celebration model is smile inspiring, I’m really more of a black and white kind of girl. Fortunately, SMILEY World luggage has a model just my style, the Stealth. I wouldn’t exactly think of it as a spy worthy kind of stealthy, but it is sleek, black, and fun. It’s tongue protruding face perfectly captures my playful yet spunky attitude. It has all the same specs as the Celebration suitcase, and they both come with a 5 year global warranty.

For more information about SMILEY World luggage, including where you can get yours, check out their site through ATM Luggage.

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