Friday night is date night; well…not for me who will be playing monopoly with children but for some people it is a night of fun and connecting.  How about a chill evening at home trying out some relaxing spa products with your partner?  If this excites you then  Datebox is your dream come true.  First off who doesn’t love receiving a cool box of treats once a month/few times a year to get you excited and stress free.  You can choose super easy-going options like month to month (non-committal), for 3 months, for 6 months: the world is your oyster.  You save money according to the number of months you commit to!  Oh; and by the way, you decide which spa treatments fit your needs.  This is you time; no rushing around at all and make sure you enjoy the whole experience.
So lets open my Datebox and see what’s inside it.  First of all, the bath bombs are literally “the bomb”.  Scented hydrotherapy is a great way to start the night – In this month’s box you choose from Lavender Mint or Cucumber Melon!  Ummm…both are luxurious and yummy smelling.  There is also a great pumice stone to soak away dead/ calloused skin from your tired feet!  I am working on getting the hubby to try out the cucumber facial masks we received.  The masks are super soft and easy to use You will feel so hydrated afterward!  Need more of these for sure!

If you are loving this so far, you will love the ending.  Grab some wine, play some tunes (Spotify has wonderful playlists and is in the party with Datebox (  Then light the fantastic honey melon candle and grab the massage oil.  Literally the box will not disappoint.  You can even think “outside the box” with their great conversation starter ideas.  Such a unique and great gift idea!  The box I received was super “spa” themed but if you check out their examples they have such great themes; even cooking!  Each month a new surprise!  This may even be great to spice up a long time married couples date night!




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