SNAP Power

If you guys are like me, you live in a sea of wires hanging out of every darn outlet in the house.  Everyone has a phone, tablet and more that needs to be charged every 5 seconds.  I literally trip over these wires; it is ridiculous and I am only a family of 4.  I was thrilled to check out the great products from SnapPowerwhich engeniously combines an outlet covers with other perks you so desperately need.  The SnapPower Charger actually is a switch plate meets charging port.  So easy to use and set up;  no need for an electrician or even a tool of any kind since they install in a few seconds over a regular outlet.  If hallway lighting at night is your issue (my kids take trips to the bathroom and it always worries me they will trip or fall in the night), you may wanna check out Switchlight (lighting meets light switch)  or Guidelight  which add pathway LED lighting to your household needs.  No matter which product fits your needs, they all look like a regular outlet cover so these won’t interfere with your home decor.  I am now using them in bedrooms, the kitchen, the den and more.  Pricing is super affordable for the extra perks!  Check them out and re-vamp your home like I am!

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