snu:mee is helping us moms and dads lure our little ones to sleep easy as 1-2-3.  This is quite honestly the coolest baby monitor / Music box/ MP3 player I have ever seen!  (Get it “SNOOZE meets ME”)  The concept is ingenious; music geared towards helping your baby sleep and all by the control of an app on your smart phone.  You may choose between a variety of lullaby options available as well as play your own sleepy tunes (enter Coldplay in this house) and you are well on your way to a bed time symphony.  Volume is perfect; sound so clear but not too much as to upset your babies sensitive ears.  I love the timer control on snu:mee.  You decide how long to music concert goes on.  This innovative product comes with 6 free downloads; so many other options at a reasonable price.  These include our favorite bands set to lullaby form as I said earlier, traditional lullabies as well as soothing nature sounds.  Want to say good night to your little one? Sure thing: just speak into the monitor.  I couldn’t believe the next feature: this actual grows with your child.  As music tastes change you can simply alter your play list and even add head phones for your growing child.  Talk about a worthwhile investment at under $150!!  I adore the snu:mee sleeve (I received a cuddly sheep but other options include a star, moon, owl, frog and more) we received making it soft, cuddly and safe for my little one to be around.  All around: wonderful baby product and a must for your nursery.  For more information please check out for purchase information.  Please check out the IndieGogo campaign link; you can grab up your  snu:mee here.   The link is:

Check out this great video about the product:

snumeesnumee Cuddly Sleeves

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