colorescience SPF 50 sunforgettable

Who else is with me on gearing up for their summer? I am full swing ahead planning my upcoming cabana days and I will definitely be bringing along my new SPF 50: sunforgettable by Colorescience.  This sunscreen is the real deal and has been named a 2015 InStyle Best Beauty Buy.  The entire line is fantastic; quality cosmetic meets super sun protection.  This speaks volumes to my pale Irish skin.  Ok; so here is my selling point: this is actually loose powder make up perfect for everyday application.  You get approximately 90 uses per 0.21 oz package which is a wonderful deal!  The tube is completely portable and lightweight; you can tote this daily in your purse, work bag and of course your beach bag!  All you have to do is sweep the brush across your entire face and neck in circular motion to release the powder and this application lasts 2 hours and is water-resistant protection. Keep in mind this is chemical and fragrance free.  P Literally you have makeup meets sunscreen which makes me super happy in my rushed world of “are we there yet?”.  This product is skin safe and provides you with excellent protection from scary UVA/UVB sun exposure.   The loose powder comes in four shades to easily match your skin tone.  Please check out the entire  “sunforgettable” line by visiting  This is a no-brainer easy to use product that is covering your face and neck so you can enjoy what you do best: relaxing in the warmth.


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