So What If I Am Thinking About Next School Year Already….

In my defense I do love summer and the beach air.  But also love order an schedules and school.  I am so super type A that I have already ordered the kid’s school supplies for the upcoming year and the backpacks are in the basement all ready for use.  How super fitting that I would get to try out some great new products from Rubbermaid that will be perfect for their lunch box use.  Their new “brilliance” line boasts they are 100% leak-proof and I believe it.  These are really well made and the tops lock so tightly that you know your items are fresh.  Slide top on, lock in tight and you got yourself spill proof, really attractive food storage.  The 10 piece crystal clear lunch set is perfect for my son who loves to keep it all neat and organized.  Sandwich in one compartment and fruit sliced in a cup to the side.  Perfection if I don’t say so myself.

My daughter has taken a major liking to their “balance meal kit” and honestly I have been taking the second set we received to work.  This is a guaranteed well balance meals if you follow along.  There are pre-portioned containers for your protein, fruit, grain and vegetables.  Each “square” fits perfectly in the compartment tray and there is a lid to keep it all together while transporting.  If you are following along, both products I talked about so far I want to mention are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Now onto their brand new “fresh works” line for saving and storing produce.  These have an awesome vent system that keeps your fruits and veggies lasting 80% longer.  There is a cool crisp tray on the bottom to elevate produce away from moisture thus preventing them from spoiling.  These come in all sizes.  We have been using the large for strawberries this week and couldn’t be happier!  We are already two days past when I usually toss out the leftovers.  They are really reasonable priced as are all of Rubbermaid’s products.

In the world of beverage containers; I feel Contigo is the way to go.  My kids don’t even leave the house without one of their wonderful water bottles.  And I will admit, my coffee in their snap and go travel mug is just as hot after sitting in 45 minutes of traffic as it was when I initially poured it at home.  I have the “west loop” autoseal mug which does just that.  It is completely spill proof and you can pop it open for a sip with literally one finger.  My daughter takes the “autospout straw gizmo flip” to school almost daily as her water bottle of choice.  It pops open for use with one press of a button and seals the spout down when not in use.  I feel so much better germwise about her using this one in the classroom.  At home we adore their “spill proof tumbers” that make me very calm as they enjoy their favorite beverage on my darn couches.  All of these items are really well priced and amazing quality!

Please check out all these great items!  Think home, school, work…wherever! You will be happy you did!



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