Summer after the beach showers are super luxurious this summer with my new “summer breeze” and “coconut splash” body washes from Softsoap.  I have always been a huge fan of this great group of products so I was thrilled to have a chance to experience anything new.  I just want to say that I love coconut anything.  The lather is unmatched and the fresh semi sweet smell of coconut just makes me so happy and for like a few seconds I am able to forget the 9,000 things I have to do.  This is milky softness that I still feel on my skin later that day.  “Summer Breeze” is more of a fresh “start your day” cucumber and melon combo; also super frothy and sudsy and its such a moisturizer treat for us all!  No matter which of their luxurious fragrances you choose, this will be your favorite shower experience of all!

For the day-to-day hand-washing that we all do (I’m a little crazy in my house and make the kids wash before and after almost everything) and I really do love the company’s “Pure Foaming Hand Soap”.  This is 100% natural and has zero dyes and alcohol.  That means you are clean and your skin isn’t dried out which is music to my ears!  I love their lemongrass scent; it is super perfect for my kitchen.  They also offer “Fresh” which is perfect for pretty much everywhere.  As usual, Softsoap doesn’t disappoint!  And with school starting soon, we need soap action!

Softsoap Puresoftsoap summer breeze

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