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I’m so so busy this summer (despite my goal to sit poolside and read a book or two); I would forget my hand if it wasn’t attached to my arm so I was super jazzed to have the opportunity to try out and talk about Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage.  It is just so hard to remember whether you shut the garage door or not; finally a way to be able to “check” or “shut it” from your cellphone.  I want to say right away how easy this was to download the free app right on my iPhone: it works with your home’s WIFI connection and there are absolutely no fee’s associated with the service.  This product works with most garage openers from 1993 and forward so odd’s are it works with yours!  (I was so happy it works with mine)!  So here is how easy this is; the app literally tells you if the garage is open, when it opens and you can open or close it from literally wherever you are in the world.  I enlisted the hubby to help me and after a few short steps we were all set up.  First he mounted a bracket to the garage ceiling and attached the WIFI hub.  Next up he added the sensor to the garage door with the handy adhesive sticker.  While he did these two tasks, I relaxed and downloaded the app.  Honestly for around $130.00 you have total 24 hour a day piece of mind?!?  Visit: 

myQ Garage


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