Somebody Made Cards to Celebrate Boobs

image of greeting cards with several sets of boobies drawn on them from Friends Do This

There is just so much to unpack here and it goes beyond what they simply are. These are greeting cards with boobies. Friends Do This did not make boobies for the sake of boobies, but instead, this is three moms, who got together and decided to have a little bit of fun with a greeting card.

I mean you could just tell somebody that they’re doing great, but how much of an impact does that really have? Imagine the emotional reaction of sending somebody a birthday card, but now imagine that new emotional reaction of them opening a card complimenting how their boobs look fabulous.

It’s not a regular occasion somebody would need a card with boobs, and now I feel the strong need to make that occasion occur. Maybe it’s for a new boob job, or maybe somebody you know is recovering from something like breast cancer, and they need to smile. But shouldn’t we girls stick together when it comes to complimenting boobs?

Now that I’m nearing 50, I just feel like I would not mind the occasion of a card from somebody telling me that my boobs look great.  An occasion besides breast cancer, or something else tragic of the such, but just a general “nice boobs.”

Whatever the occasion, check out Friends Do This and consider sending your friend boobs without an occasion, when they need to know that their boobs look great. Support three moms in business and give them the love that they need! Check out Friends Do This!

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