Sonage Skin Care

These winter chill months are just brutal to your skin.  “Sonage” knows this and truly brings us products that will help smooth and save our wind-chilled bodies!  The company’s motto is sort of “be kind to your skin” and they create wonderful products accordingly.  Sonage uses minimal preservatives while quality moisturization.  There are several lines available (renew: healing/exfoliating, soothe: reducing inflammation, hydrate: renew/restore, revitalize: reduce wrinkle/fine lines, protect: safety from the sun and body: head to toe restoration.  I was lucky enough to try out their “Presage Moisturizer SPF 15”, part of their “hydrate” line and perfect for keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun while not leaving any kind of oily residue.  I adore the clean scent that makes me feel like I’ve just left the spa.  It retails for $52.00 and to me, completely reasonable for the “at home spa experience”.  For my next trip, I am so ready with my Sonage “Travel Set”.  Everything you need to moisturize in a TSA friendly way comes right to your luggage in a cute, reusable hemp style bag.  This would also be great for your gym bag!  It will last you about 2 weeks and contains the presage moisturizer I spoke of earlier, hydrating cleanser, facial rinse, high endurance creme (pure luxury) as well as a natural cellulose sponge perfect for your cleansing routine.  This bag retails for $40.o0 and will surely have you on your way to soft skin no matter where you are!  For more information on this fantastic skin care line please visit You will be thrilled!

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