Sha-Glam by Powerella

Us women are powerful beings; but sometimes we lose our way in the world of snacking, car pools and mac and cheese!  I am happy to try and get back on track by checking out “Sha-Glam”, an instant drink mix that will help us on our way to “strong, lean and gorgeous”.  I absolutely love the vanilla flavoring; this mix doesn’t have that metallic and all around icky taste I am used to; it was really delicious and jam-packed with over 12 vitamins along with 24 grams of protein from egg whites and collagen!  So impressive and I really feel like I am on the right track.  This product is so different from others in that there is absolutely no dairy, gluten, soy or artificial sweeteners or flavors.  The company’s website features a few recipes to get you started; even pancakes!  Powerella is passionate about taking care of your body in a matter that eliminates junk of any kind.  These are high quality products that do not break the bank!  Finally, a course of action that is speaking my New Year’s language!  Please give Sha-Glam a try!  I truly love how much this product makes me feel better about my quest for a healthier me!


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