Songa Designs

Songa Designs are truly inspirational pieces.  This jewelry line is handmade in Rwanda; these items come straight from the heart of Africa, where women are given the opportunity to work and create in their journey to economic freedom.  Just by visiting the company’s website for a few moments I was instantly inspired.  Songa works direct with the “Rwanda Cooperative Association” where each group of about 2o members specialize in a particular craft.  They have created truly unique and amazing collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands, belts and more.  I am enjoying my new pair of earrings: I am styling with my new “orchid earrings” from the “Mama Dan” collection.  These earrings are bold in color and stunning in style and range in price from $16-$40.  You definitely want to check out their website:; some of their pieces were featured on the “The Today Show” and I know you will want some of these as soon as you see them for yourself and read this wonderful story.  The featured artisan stories are so moving; some of these women are widows; they all have families to provide for and want to work and earn a living.  If you want to receive accessories to your home throughout the year definitely explore the “Songa Circle Accessories Club” with various shopping options.  Have I mentioned I love my earrings and this inspiring Company yet?!?



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