ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade

This world is not the safest of places; each night we hear stories on the news that could make our hair curl.  During the busy holiday season, crowds are everywhere, people rushing about and the crime practically doubles.  I am super careful about where I am and my kids are; the poor things are pretty much stuck to my arm in the mall.  My review of ROBOCOPP’S Sound Grenade couldn’t have come at a better time!  This is a super small, super awesome alarm device that literally attaches by hook to your keys, pocket, bag or whatever you desire!  This is a 120 dB Siren alarm that can be heard up to 300 feet away.  I tested it out right away in my house and the neighbors came running!  All you have to do is pull the pin and away the volume goes; this will run for up to 30 minutes straight unless the pin is replaced back into the device.  The company is so great that if you have an emergency in which you have to use the Sound Grenade they will replace it for free.  The battery would last at least a year (could be upwards of 5) on standby.  Use it over and over until you’ve used the “30 minutes” of battery life the grenade typically carries(device holds two CR1632 coin cell batteries).  These come in a variety of colors and designs and run around $16-$20.  They also offer sets of them for the family as well as a deluxe model that connects to 911 direct!

As a mommy, besides being extra safe, I want to mention they are safe for around your children and TSA approved so no extra hassle there.  For more information please visit:






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