The Art Of Shaving

I hope I end up getting something as cool as any of the items in the wonderful line of shaving products from The Art Of Shaving.  What an awesome line of razors, creams, brushes, lotions, soaps and more.  Their Peppermint Soap is an amazing start to the holiday season (someone tell my wife to buy me the Peppermint Shaving Cream).  A great lather and wonderful scent that stays with you.

Just in time for the holidays comes a great sale on their Mid Size Kits.  I find myself partial to their Unscented Original since I am a sensitive kind of guy.  In the kit comes “Pre Shave Oil”, “Shaving Cream” , “After Shave Balm” and a “Shaving Brush”.  All the essentials I need to have a shaved and super smooth face.  They typically cost around $60 but the special has them priced perfectly at $50.00.

Looking for a quality razor for your collection? Look no further than the Company’s Morris Park Collection.  This line named for one of the first racing arena’s in the United States; these are classic, great quality and such a smooth shave.  They are priced at $60.00 and carry the ability to use replaceable Gillette Fusion blades.

Ok; their Sandalwood & Cypress cologne is just the best.  Such a manly scent that takes me through the entire day.  I don’t even need to ask; I know the office is digging my scent.  This costs $100.00; make sure your woman knows you want it for Christmas.

For more info and to start shopping please visit:

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