Spotify Picked Just for You

spotify picked just for you
spotify picked just for you

Spotify, whether in its paid form or its free version, seems to be pretty much a standard in my household as well as among my kids. People will trade their playlists with each other trying to see who likes what type of music. One of its biggest faults has always been that its auto-generated playlists, at times, can leave a lot to be desired.

Generally, you get six daily mixes which are based upon your listening style, and to be honest most of the time they seem to repeat the same songs. There is something called Discover Weekly which, through an algorithm, sends over new songs weekly, but generally speaking, there always seems to be those limitations. I’ve always tried to get the algorithm to show me better mixes because I did find the AI to be quite brilliant.

It seems that Spotify has hidden from best mixes giving you the option of other songs but only if you know where to search for them.

If you notice in the screenshot I search for “picked just for you” and this leads to literally dozens upon dozens of mixes that are actually designed and based upon your listening style. It’s amazing to me that Picked Just for You mixes are truly incredible and done quite well.

There is hype music, sad indie music, French Café music, and trance music. There are literally dozens upon dozens of mixes. These do not come up easily but only when you search specifically for Picked Just for You.

Now, why would anybody secretly hide their best feature makes no sense to me but this alone is one of the best features I’ve seen on Spotify. The reason I think it’s amazing is that if it’s a genre you’re in the mood for, it hits spot on. If it’s a genre you’ve never listened to, like light classical music or comedy albums in my case, it helps you actually discover things that you might never have thought of. For example, I seem to listen to only dance music while my husband seems to listen to Moody music, which is bringing up an entirely different set of issues.

Make a typo and you’ll miss it so be sure to type exactly: Picked Just for You

What are some of our favorite Picked Just for You mixes?

Well, Chill Golf Music confused me but was kinda fun. The French Cafe did sound like a French cafe which was also great. I did also find myself exploring genres I never would have thought of like Bollywood. Hawaiian Reggae would’ve been quite useful on our trip to Hawaii.

What was your favorite feature of Picked Just for You?

I actually was dying for something that would isolate just a genre like “Comedy Albums” so I found that quite useful.

How do I save my favorite Picked Just for You so I don’t lose them?

I personally just like each one so I can find them immediately in my own library.

Do you have a complete list of all the Picked Just for You Mixes?

I couldn’t get them all, but here are what I have thus far:

70s Classic Rock Music

70s Country Music

70s Love Music

70s Music

70s Pop Music

70s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

70s Rock Music

70s Soft Rock Music

70s Yacht Rock Music

80s Country Music

80s Music

80s Pop Music

80s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

90s Alternative Music

90s Country Music

90s Grunge Music

90s Hip-Hop Music

90s Music

90s Pop Music

90s R&B Music

90s Rock Music

Acoustic Music

Alt Rock Music

Alternative Music

Alternative Pop Music

Anime Music

As A Real Music

Baby Dance Music

Background Music

Banda Music

Beach Music

Bluegrass Music

Blues Music

Bollywood Music

Booty Music

Bossa Nova Music

Breakfast Music

Bucato Music

Chill House Music

Chill Indie Music

Chill Music

Chilled Up Music

Chillhop Music

Chillout Music

Classic Country Music

Classic Music

Classic Rock Music

Classical Studying Music

Cleaning Music

Concentration Music

Country Music

Country Pop Music

Dance Music

Dancing Music

Darkside Music

Deep House Music

Dinner Music

Disco Music

Driving Music

Early 2000s Pop Music

Easy Listening Music

Edm Music

Electronic Music

Emo Music

Emo Rap Music

Focus Music

French Café Music

Fun Music

Funky Music

Happy Cooking Music

Happy Country Music

Happy Music

Hawaiian Music

High Energy Music

House Music

Hype Music

Indie Folk Rock Music

Indie Music

Indie Rock Music

Jazz Music

K-Pop Music

Kumbela Music

Lo-Fi Music

Love Music

Mariachi Music

Meditation Music

Melancholy Music

Mellow Music

Metal Music

Metalcore Music

Midwest Emo Music

Motown Music

Neo Soul Music

New Music

New Wave Music

Nightcore Music

Old Country Music

Oldies Music

Oldies Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Outlaw Country Music

Party Music

Peaceful Piano Music

Pop Country Music

Pop Music

Pop Punk Music

Pump Up Music

Quiet Music

Quiet Relaxing Music

R&B Music

Ranchera Music

Rap Music

Reggae Music

Reggaeton Music

Relaxing Guitar Music

Relaxing Jazz Music

Road Trip Music

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Rock Music

Sad Country Music

Sad Indie Music

Sad Rap Music

Sad Rap Music

Salsa Music

Shoegaze Music

Shower Music

Sleep Piano Music

Smooth Dancing

Smooth Jazz Music

Soft Music

Soft Romantic Music

Soothing Classical Music

Soothing Music

Southern Rock Music

Spanish Indie Music

Summer Country Music

Surf Rock Music

Synth Music

Synthwave Music

Techno Music

Tejano Music

Texas Country Music

Trance Music

Trip Hop Music

Upbeat Music

Upbeat Workout Music

Wednesday Music

Workout Music

Yacht Rock Music



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