Spring Essentials: Brooklyn Cloth

We love Brooklyn Cloth here at Famadillo because of their urban, comfy and trendy clothes. Made for men, women and children, Brooklyn Cloth has a variety of things we love – from swimsuits to sweatshirts – and they’re all really affordable, too!

It was co-founded by Daron Jacob after he joined Icer Brands in 2011. With his background in apparel design and manufacturing, he’s had over 20 years in the fashion industry working with other companies and developing private label for retailers including; Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun and more.

He noticed through these companies that fast fashion and on-trend items were growing in the women’s market, but not so much in men’s. He saw a need for a company that would design trendy fashions in a quick way and available to men who wanted to change their look at the drop of a hat – all at a low price.

Courtesy of BrooklynCloth.com

The street wear inspired fashion with Brooklyn Cloth focuses on the Gen Z customer – someone who likes to mix it up and rock a pair of comfy Brooklyn Cloth joggers with a pair of sneakers or button-down shirt.

Just three years later, they introduced the boys line with the same fashions as men, just in “mini me” sizes – perfect for your little one who likes to stay stylish!

They have eight different collections, including Americana, Festival and Cozy styles that start at just $40 for men and $35 for kids. You can ultimately get a whole ensemble for under $70, which is great for the quality.

We love the joggers, especially for the kids, because they can be dressed up or down, comfortable and easy enough for the little ones to love them. Get your husband a pair too and they can match!

But don’t forget yourself, mom. They have a line of adorable serpa hoodies and tops that are cozy and so unbelievably soft that you won’t want to take them off. Those start at $20! So get them before they’re gone!

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