I’m Diffusing Like A Champ And Loving It!

Work is crazy.  The kids are crazy.  My husband is literally making me crazy.  I’ve been reading quite a bit about the great benefits of essential oils and I must admit I am now hooked.  The benefits are not to be believed and include relief from stress, allergies, mood enhancement as well as improvements to one’s circulatory, respiratory and immune systems.  Where has this concept been my whole life?!?  Fosmon’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is a great choice.  I’ve been enjoying mine this week!  This will diffuse your favorite oils/scents and humidify the room within a few moments.  It costs just under $30 and has 7 color options along with a few different brightness choices so you set the mood you truly desire.  I just ordered one for my office as well – I simply must have one no matter where I am!  It comes with this great remote control that you can use for mist length, duration, to control the color and of course how long you would like the diffuser to be on.  Think lavender before bed…let it turn itself off when you are snoozing.  And you will be snoozing.  This stuff really works.  The 500 ML water tank is super easy to set up and you will be all good to go within minutes.  This awesome company offers a lifetime guarantee!  What could be better than that!

This diffuser is also available at Amazon.

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