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As a busy mom I am always in need of some nutritious and quick weekday meals.  Starkist Creations fills that very request with great options for both adults and children.  These tuna pouches are an exceptional combination of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and flavor!  Also a great option to pack for the office and people on the go.  My picky kiddies and I tried out a few of these great recipes and were thrilled: Choo Choo Pasta:

Waffle Sandwich:

The choo choo pasta they enjoyed helping me make and I love that we had all the food groups covered!  My husband tried out some of the other great Starkist Creations options and was a big fan of the Hot Buffalo Tuna.  He said it had a “kick” and that while he ate it with tortilla chips he could see it being used in mexican style recipes.  He was exactly right as Starkist provides the following recipes we cannot wait to try out:

Tuna Dip:

Tuna Nachos:

Hungry Girl’s Buffalo Tuna Taquitos:

We also tried out the “lemon pepper” pouch and turned a boring salad into a dinner masterpiece.  If salmon is your thing you can check out their lemon dill and mango chipotle options.  No matter which flavor you purchase, you can be sure you are treating your body to the stuff it needs to get you through the day.  Also I want to mention these pouches fill you up so you aren’t tempted to snack afterward!   For more information check out Starkist on their website and through social media.

Visit to learn more about new Single Serve StarKist® Tuna Creations, Salmon Creations and Kid’s Creations products, be sure to become a StarKist fan at, and follow us on Twitter @StarKistCharlie and Pinterest

StarKist New Products: Hot Buffalo Tuna Creations, Salmon Creations and Kid's Creations (PRNewsFoto/StarKist Co.)
StarKist New Products: Hot Buffalo Tuna Creations, Salmon Creations and Kid’s Creations (PRNewsFoto/StarKist Co.)

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