Zuzu Parade

All aboard the adorable animal parade with great bedroom and playroom decor for your little one this holiday season!  The Zuzu stool comes in an array of animal buddies: elephant, horse, whale, lion, turtle and walrus; we received the brightly blue colored whale and he is every bit both comfy and snuggly.  Now here is the awesome mommy hack part: the stool is really made from a bucket that the machine washable animal fits cleverly on top of.  You now have yourself some secret toy storage that will help in our ever tireless goal of cleaning up blocks, legos etc from our floors.  I absolutely love this concept; we can finally purchase something adorable for our child’s room that actually keeps it neat and orderly in the process!  Make sure you wash on the cold, gentle cycle and let Zuzu air dry.  It can also be dry cleaned.  You simply have to love a company that puts family and their comfort first; I cannot wait to see what Zuzu Parade comes up with next.  Zuzu stools are available for $69.99 making them a perfect present for the upcoming holiday events!  Did I mention free shipping on their site? For more information and to purchase this fantastic product please visit http://zuzuparade.com.

zuzu 1 zuzu 2

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