Starlette Galleria

image of starlette galleria ring in open box

I just gave my dad the best idea for my mom for Christmas this year. Hey, she does so much for us all year long so shouldn’t he go the extra mile and give her a nice gift to show appreciation?!! Check out this little pink box we received this week from Starlette Galleria. This is beautiful jewelry made of sterling silver and plated in real gold or rhodium. You can literally wear it while you work out, swim, or even take a shower. The sparkle is insane – no one would ever know that it was not the “real deal” unless you told them.

The rings are simply gorgeous. They have all sorts of great styles to choose from: vintage, dainty, solitaire, promise, you name it. Perfect wedding and engagement options as well. You can also shop by carat size (1-5) for the perfect size that fits your style and needs. Shop by shape also (oval, pear, princess, emerald, round, and more). I have the beautiful Hepburn here for my mom and I know she’s gonna flip when she sees it.

Reasons you need one of these: think about swapping out when you are pregnant and your hands are swelling up. Maybe have a travel ring so you don’t worry about theft or loss. Reduce wear and tear on your ring or even save money on your wedding by not shelling out thousands on the ring.

Check out Starlette Galleria for all your needs!