Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Off Right with Badass Beginners Yoga

It’s a new year once again, and once again in our excitement and zest for celebration, we have made some resolutions last night that this morning we are already regretting.  With the best of intentions, last year’s self promised to get healthy and workout this year.  This year’s self is trying to wake up from last night’s festivities with a strong cup of coffee and staring at all the gym and fitness class advertisements, trying to figure out where the time to go to classes will come in.  With Badass Beginner’s Yoga online classes by Boss Yogis, you can learn yoga in the comfort of your own home and on your own time in 2 weeks!

Especially as a working mom, trying to find time to even shower some days can be a challenge.  So trying to consistently find time to drive to and from the gym, have a babysitter, and get all of the other life responsibilities handled in 24 hours can be near impossible.  Boss Yogis takes the pressure of that away with their online beginner yoga classes.  For $197, you will have lifetime unlimited access to 10 classes, each lasting about 45 minutes.  I liked that the classes were broken down to fully show and explain each pose and how to be mindful of your body and posture.  The instructor, Sheryl Utal, explains why the proper form is important and also shares some modifications that can be made to ensure full comfort for anyone.  There are three bonus classes that help teach foot and neck mobility, as well as mayofascial self massage to help with alleviating the daily aches and pains.  Breathing, proper body alignment, and even yoga philosophy are all included in the classes, providing so much more than a crowded yoga class can.  You can go at your own pace, repeating classes as much as you want.  And, since you can access your classes on any device with your username and password, it is easy to fit it in any schedule.  The classes are well paced, and I appreciated that it allowed time for adjustment and getting comfortable before moving onto the next step or pose.  You will also have access to their Facebook Community Support Group for more tips and a place to connect.

So get up and get moving with no excuses in 2020 with Badass Beginner’s Yoga and improve your flexibility, breathing, health, and overall wellness physically and emotionally.  For more information, and also to download a free pose guide, check out 


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