Humu Surf

It is getting colder and colder out there and in my mind I am gearing up for summer and some kind of toes in the sand kind of day.  Checking out the great products offered by Humu Surf is helping me get there!  The Hawaiian Company is named after their state fish – The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a’.  The owner Dr. Ken Weissman has a special interest in nurturing the oceans and beaches and making sure other’s around him know how to take care of them as well.  Strong values and commitment to Community are the key; Humu Surf also donates a portion of their profits to the Surfrider Foundation as well as the Oceanic Preservation Society.
If you are in love with these values and want to support them like I do you can check out their cool line of hats.  Here in my house we have the Molokini Trucker Hat (blue/mesh/one size fits all), the Original Trucker Hat (black/mesh/Floats), and the Humu Surf Beanie (warm/comfy/available in steel blue and navy).  They cost $19.99 and I don’t really know what I like more – the comfort or the look.  Great options for both kids and adults with a super awesome message – grab one of the gift cards you got for the holidays and purchase yourself a great new surf look!  Think warm, think fashion!

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