Static Schmatic

Today I got to check out a cool product that my whole family can use.  Static Schmatic is a super cool line of anti-static sprays that are safe for the kids, your pets, hair, clothes; you name it!  My favorite thing about them is they are made from all natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, distilled water and salt.  In addition, they are hypoallergenic and gluten-free.  Ummm….these are a mother’s dream come true when it comes to checking labels.  I especially adore the spray for hair; for some reason the sweaters I love wearing really do their best at ruining my hair.  Static makes it super hard to tame so I was happy to be a guinea pig on this test.  For the record, some of them have this divine light scent with a hint of vanilla.  Some of the sprays have no scent at all.  Either way you are good.  The sprays come in varieties for clothes, men, hair, kids, pets etc. and range in price from around $8-$16 per bottle.  Think outside the box for Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Those wicking clothes we all wear to the gym always ride up with static cling.  This is a perfect addition to the gym bag in your home.  I adore using the kid’s spray on my daughter’s usual knotty head of hair after waking up.  Much easy to get them ready for school!  

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