Top 10 5 Min Workouts

Ok; so summer is in legit 5 minutes summer is here.  I look like crap.  I have no time and 100 places to be with kids.  I looked into quick workouts at home and here is what I came up with.  You. Are. Welcome.  One boat and we are all in it.

Umm yup; need help with the butt and thighs…..

This one is right up my alley; no equipment needed and toning necessary.

Ultimate Booty…ok I’m game.

Killer toning for us all!

This one is a MUST.  I loved it and will repeat tomorrow.

5 Minute fat attack; yup.  I need to do this one like 100 times.

Not looking to leave out those of us who are Preggo….

Leaner Legs Too!

Quick + At Home = Doable

I officially am in love; a 5 minute walking workout!  Yes!!

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