Stay Cool…and I mean literally

I spend half the winter praying for warmth and then by day 2 of a heat wave I am ready for a snow ball fight again.  Literally there is no pleasing this princess.  At least I admit it.  I am adoring my new fans from LASKO and I want to tell you all why right now!

At the end of a crazy busy workday (both at the office and at home) I literally DO NOT want to hear a thing!  I want complete silence and yoga pants.  These fans are so quiet that I can be cool and comfy at the same time!  I know you don’t believe me but you totally should.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong.  The one I have upstairs is the “5 Speed Wind Curve With Ionizer”.  This tower fan has an 8 hour timer, 5 super silent speeds, a great handle to move it easily around the room and a remote if you are really lazy like me.  I can’t hear it at all actually and I sleep like a baby.  This thing really cools the room and circulates the air like a champ.  Now the “Pedestal Fan” is super powerful and perfect for our large living room while still being super silent!  The hubby actually couldn’t believe that it worked as efficiently as it did!  It also oscillates back and forth and can be height adjusted as needed.  Oh, and definitely worth mentioning that it was kind of decorative; more so than other pedestal fans of our past.  I think this company is onto something.  Nice looking fans that are really quiet and cool ya down fast.

Lasko also carries humidifiers (umm…yup that is my next purchase) and heaters for the colder weather.

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