ENDURANCE by Dancing With The Stars Sunless Collection

If you saw Disney night on Dancing With The Stars, then you’ll probably remember the Beauty and the Beast foxtrot performed by the breath-taking Emma Slater and her dance partner, Rashad Jennings. Although every part of the performance was magical, Norvell points out that Slater’s tan was the most magical. That’s because it was achieved with ENDURANCE from their Dancing With The Stars Sunless Collection with Vio-7™.

The website www.tandwts.com explains how ENDURANCE with Vio-7™ works and tells a little bit about Slater. The Vio-7™ is a unique blend of pigments that are designed to keep your skin from developing that orangish tone so common among sunless tanning lotions. ENDURANCE is also made with moisturizers and other ingredients to improve skin firmness and illumination. It’s a gradual tanner CC cream. In case you’re new to this cosmetology terminology, CC stands for “color” and “correct,” which is what most liquid foundations do now. The fact that it’s “gradual” seems more natural, but it also means it’s not a use just once product.

In addition to the ENDURANCE cream, the Dancing With The Stars Sunless Collection also includes a self tanning mousse, a self tanning airbrush spray, and a shimmering mist. Learn more about these and ENDURANCE, “the official self tanner of Dancing With The Stars” by checking out their website above. It’s rather thorough.

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