Stellar Portable Sterilizer For Mom’s First Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what could be better than spoiling the new mommy in our lives.  New moms are busy, constantly on the go and so super sleep deprived.  Stellar is this new, amazing sterilizer that disinfects baby bottles and nipples in about 3 minutes.  You don’t need water which is amazing to get rid of 99% of icky viruses and bacteria.  How refreshing is that concept in this scary world we are currently living in???

The secret as I have researched it seems to be in the UV-C light technology.  The light stops the DNA of the virus/bacteria right in it’s tracks.  I’m talking the virus/bacteria that causes the common cold, the flu, hepatitis C and even COVID-19!!! What really impressed me aside from that is how compact and lightweight it is.  You literally charge it in a standard wall outlet and it also comes with a car adaptor making a simple task out of bottles on the go.  This is the perfect baby shower gift or New Mother’s Day gift like I was saying earlier.  I wish I had this amazing gadget when my babies were born!  Color options are blue and pink and the cost ($249.99) is super reasonable for the amazing job Stellar will truly do.  In the box you will get yourself a sterilizer, bottles, nipples, adapters and instructions.  A total piece of mind as you navigate through this pandemic world!  Check it out!