Ordering Fish Online with Sitka Salmon Shares

Skitka Salmon Shares

Look how gorgeous this fish looks.   I will give you four reasons why this is an awesome place to order from.

1) They are flash frozen so not only does that make them sushi grade, they come ridiculously fresh. I love that they’re vacuum sealed and you can even read on their site on their process of catching and freezing.

2) If you’ve not tasted wild Alaskan, it’s it’s own thing. It tastes so different from other salmon and so fresh. I’m not likely to jump on a plane and visit Alaska any time soon so here’s a chance to get my taste of Alaskan fish right in my own house.

3) I hate leaving my house, so now I’m getting top of the line fish right to my front door.  If I want to have top of the line food during a pandemic I’ve discovered the glories of ordering online, which is clearly nothing short of amazing.

4) This is really not a bad deal considering the quality you’re getting. You can order whatever is in your local fish market but it’s such a treat to order Wild Alaskan seafood.

Overall, it’s worth checking out. Look at their different “levels” and you can count me in for the Premium as It looks seriously amazing.