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Every store you walk into for a month now has been bustling with Halloween candy; it is very hard to keep the will power going.  I was good for two weeks and then bon-bons from Stick With Me  arrived at my door and that was that.  All I can say is DELICIOUS x 1000 and thankfully the store is in my neck of the woods.  These sweet treats are like nothing you have seen before: they are beautifully colored and almost look too good to eat!  Please eat them however; they are a true must have!

Stick With Me makes all of their candies in small batches and locally in their NY store using the best of the best creams and chocolates from the finest trained chefs out there!  So here is the deal: there are many bon-bon flavors to choose from and they can be purchased separately ($3.40) or in boxes of 6 ($25), 12 ($49) or 24 ($88).  You cannot believe the flavor choices; simply amazing. Sea Salt Caramel was to die for: each bon-bon is hard-shelled and so pretty but when you take a bite the flavor literally explodes.  The chocolate is so super rich in flavor.  I also tried Toasted Coconut and Raspberry Rose (I was then forced to share with my family).  Bon Bons are available in dark, milk or white chocolate options.

Next up I want to talk about the caramel available individually ($1.50) or purchase a tube of 10 ($18) which you can custom fill or grab one already made if you are on the go.  Ok: the Sea Salt and Chocolate Fudge caramel were sooooo good!  These are soft and chewy and yummy and will be sure to make your day just a little sweeter.  I brought some to work for those “tough days”.  Please check out Stick With Me located at 202 Mott Street, New York NY 10012.  Their website will be up and running soon ( but in the meantime you can order by phone (646-918-6336) or email (  These confections are the perfect gift for holiday hosts for all upcoming celebrations!

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