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I cannot even begin to think about how many paper and styrofoam coffee cups I go through in a month.  I am always on the go; always need my java fix and just toss and go as I need to.  How many trees are cut down just for our coffee/tea convenience.  In an effort to “go green” and teach my children what they can do to better themselves and their environment I was excited to try out my new Joco Cup.  They are made with high quality glass (not heavy at all!  I was amazed!)  Joco’s are dishwasher and microwave safe and totally free of BPA, lead and cadmium.  Now I spend a ton of time commuting in my car.  I can’t have a cup that is going to burn my hands or the top slip off mid-traffic.  Joco does NOT disappoint!  They have a silicone sleeve that keeps your beverage at a great temperature while keep your hands out of danger.  The lid is splash free and goes on easily and stays on tight!  Joco cup size options are 8 oz ($22.95), 12 oz ($24.95) and 16 oz ($26.95).  They come in an array of lid and sleeve color options ( We have the black and light pink and they are so great!)  Joco cups are allowing my family to enjoy their favorite beverages in a healthier way while giving back to the world we live in along the way.  Please visit for more information and to make a purchase.

joco cups

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